Meet I'sha Dunston

I’sha is the youngest of four, born and raised in Fremont, California. After high school, she moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Apparel Industry Management and Business Management at F.I.D.M (Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising). I'sha's childhood plays a tremendous role in her career aspiration as an entrepreneur. She's always wanted financial freedom for herself and continues to work toward that goal.


Founded in 2017 and in Los Angeles, Izayla is a timeless and versatile ready to wear undefined luxury brand catering to women all over the world. Izayla is a representation of the owner’s personality and style. Izayla was created for women who can be both sophisticated and conservative, all while being comfortable. The brand encourages women to be one thing: unique.

Made In Los Angeles

From the fabrications, trims, pattern making, and sewing, every contribution to Izayla is crafted in Los Angeles. The owner, I'sha Dunston, takes pride in domestic craftsmanship while ensuring ethical compensation for all of her freelance contractors. A future plan for Izayla is to provide employment opportunities for all women in Los Angeles.


To attain sustainability, I’sha Dunston spends the majority of her time curating the right resources that align with her brand. She outsources pattern making, grading, fabrications, trims and manufacturing locally in Los Angeles, California. She pioneers on “made to order” to ensure waste is kept minimal and works to let each customer know that their garment is made with love. She purchases fabrication, trimmings and stores the inventory for selective styles on a needed basis. I’sha is very hands on with every element of her business such as: sketching, fabrications, fitting samples, meetings with showrooms, and connecting with people that she sees as an asset to her brand.