Six Business Books We Are Reading in 2022
Six Business Books We Are Reading in 2022

The Richest Man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason takes a different route to dispense financial advice. The narrator, a fictional Babylonian named Arkad, tells a series of parables to explain how he went from being a poor scribe to “the richest man in Babylon. A few of Arkad’s important points are “paying yourself first,” “investing in what you know,” and “homeownership.” 
George S. Clason,The Richest Man In Babylon, Izayla                            

Think and Grow Rich!

This restored and revised version of Napoleon Hill’s classic remains true to its original form and intent. Annotated and indexed, Think and Grow Rich! will guide you through economic challenges while drawing a map to business success.
Think And Grow Rich!, Napoleon Hill, Izayla   

Good Company

Good Company was written by Home-Depot’s co-founder, owner of not only the Atlanta Falcons but also Atlanta United, Arthur M. Blank. He believes in integrity, as he teaches that good business is the result of equal parts purpose and profit. Blank writes, "When good companies put the wellbeing of their customers, their associates, and their communities first, financial success will follow.” 

Arthur M. Blank, Good Company, Izayla

 People Love You

Protecting and nurturing your customer base is your number one priority. In Jeb Blount’s People Love You, the focus is on giving your customers positive experiences. Blount teaches you how to leave great, lasting impressions that build a happy and dedicated customer base.
Jeb Blount, People Love You, Izayla

Undaunted, Overcoming Doubts + Doubters

Kara Goldin’s is the founder and CEO of Hint, an extremely successful beverage business. In Undaunted, Goldin discusses how she overcame her fears and doubts to not only build a business but a life she loves. Goldin imparts inspiring stories with valuable lessons any reader can apply to their own path.
Kara Goldin, Undaunted, Izayla

People Buy You

Jeb Blount hits it out of the park once again with People Buy You. This book focuses on the relationship that you as a business owner have with your customers. Your ability to build genuine and lasting business relationships affects the success of your business. Blount gives you the formula to foster such relationships in actionable steps!
Jeb Blount, People Buy You, Izayla

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