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Why We Enjoyed Watching The Netflix Series “Inventing Anna” By Shonda Rhimes

The Netflix hit series “Inventing Anna” is about more than con artistry or even the significance of “the boys club” in finance. It highlights how having confidence in yourself, can make anyone a believer. Our favorite quote from the series is, 

Talent, that's hard to come by. A vision like mine doesn't come around all the time. Genius is rare. Besides, I don't lose." - Anna Delvey. 

This quote speaks to us. It encapsulates how confident this woman was in anything and everything she did. 

Confidence is the magic ingredient. When you walk and talk with confidence, when your belief in yourself is unshakeable, people see and positively receive that. This is why women’s empowerment and self-assuredness are fundamental components of the Izayla brand.

More on “Inventing Anna”

The Netflix hit “Inventing Anna” embellishes the story of real-life con artist Anna Sorokin, better known as Anna Delvey. “Inventing Anna” recounts Sorokin’s climb through the uppermost circles of New York City. Anna embroils herself in the world of high art, high fashion, and finance. She convinced seasoned regulars in these elite circles that she was a German heiress worth $60 million. Her confident facade worked like a charm… right up until it didn’t. 

The number of doors Anna opened for herself simply by being ambitious and exuding confidence is astounding. Before she was sniffed out, Anna swindled $200,000 out of her associates, stole a private jet, and defrauded multiple banks. 

Confidence is Key

Here at Izayla, we value honesty and integrity. However, “Inventing Anna” is not only great entertainment, there is a lesson to be learned in regards to the power of remaining confident in one’s self. Every woman should wield the sheer confidence and determination that Anna had to possess to pull all of this off. You can make doors open for yourself, and do so honestly, by believing in yourself and your chosen path.

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